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We are so proud to announce our 10 year Anniversary and would like to thank all clients and our amazing support team for continued support and recommendations.  We are celebrating by launching our brand new unique Classic Bike Tours Asia, new for this 2019-2020 adventure tour season. Our current fleet of 12 bikes, Stunning Triumph Bonneville’s and The brand new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc twin cylinder, smooth as silk modern classics, are waiting for you. Our Triumph and Royal Enfield Tours will be run to the same high standards our Clients have become accustomed to. See the video slideshow below….

classic bike tours thailand

The very best “Modern Classic Bikes” available in the world.
Full loop tours or one way North to South “our long way down Asia tour”
Our full range of road tour routes plus some special itineraries, see below
Fully guided and Fully supported using our own fleet of service trucks.
3 days to 21 days or more, tell us your thoughts.

Thailand, Laos and Myanmar or multi country Tours, you choose. The amazing roads of the North East and North West are most popular regions boasting over 1000 curves each and every day, or we can head south to Kanchanaburi (Bridge Over the River Kwai) or the beaches of Phuket or Hua Hin.

The best months to make a Triumph or Royal Enfield Tour are October to February and May to July.
Passengers are welcome: (special rates apply)
Your partners or friends and family members are more than welcome to hop on and ride with us or travel in the comfort of 1 of our Fully kitted out support trucks.

Thailand historical & cultural tour “7 days”
The jewels of the north tour “5 days”
Very best motorcycle roads in SE Asia tour “7 or 9 days”
3 countries 4 days, Thailand / Laos / Burma (Myanmar) “4 days”
Undiscovered hidden Northern Thailand “7 days”
Best of both worlds tour-road & off road (2 different bikes, 2 different tours).

The support truck carries our luggage and always has a cool box on board with cold water and any soft drinks you request
We always have fresh fruit cooling and ready for our impromptu stops
We can of course carry any specific snacks you feel the urge to consume
We will stop often for photos, fuel, a chat and water, please drink lots of water, we all need it
We will usually carry a spare bike and always carry puncture repair tools and equipment as well as other spares we may need en route
Our mechanic/ driver will check all bikes each evening and lube/ adjust the chains if necessary
If you have a favourite tipple that may not be available outside of Chiang Mai we are more than happy to carry that for you also

Wine and most western spirits are not available at every destination
Beer, whisky and cheap Thai rum is available everywhere
Approximate Timings
Breakfast is usually at 8 am
We Start each days ride at 8.45-9am
Morning coffee around 11am
Lunch approx 12.30-1.30
Afternoon tea 3pm
Arrive our destination 4-5 pm
Dinner at 7-8 pm and is usually taken off site, not at our hotels, we usually walk or I arrange a taxi
Before and After dinner is your free time to enjoy and relax, take a nap, a Swim or a massage
Example itinerary-7 day historical sites tour, 2100 kms, 7000 curves

enfield motorcycle Thailand
Motorcycle tour routes Thailand



  • “The Big Big Golden Triangle West and East mega tour”
  • Over nine days you will test your stamina and riding skills along 2600 km of what have justly been dubbed the best riding roads in the world.
  • This route will blow you away!
  • We take you to the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, a remote region once ruled by opium warlords, and still steeped in mystery and the intrigue of fast-vanishing traditions. Then there is the mother of South East Asia’s rivers, the Mighty Mekhong.
  • We have pioneered trails along its banks so you can be charmed by its contrasts and challenged by its contours. The views across the mighty Mekhong will stay with you forever, believe me!


Not only do our Classic Motorcycle Holidays provide the riding experience of your life, they also take you to unique destinations – Hill Tribe Villages, waterfalls, hot springs, and remote national borders.


With incredible torque, the charge to your senses our range of lovingly maintained Bonneville’s and Enfield’s provide is an experience any passionate bike enthusiast will be thrilled by.


You will be genuinely awed by the forest and mountain vistas you will be riding through; Northern Thailand has the most scenic motorcycle tours Asia can offer – photo opportunities galore!


Following the Mighty Mekhong River, and traversing the Golden Triangle loop, you will see Thailand’s borders with Laos and Myanmar, once warred over by opium lords, and still home to seldom visited settlements rich in culture and tradition.


The Triumph and Royal Enfield’s of yesteryear have been re-imagined and re-engineered to give you the performance you expect in the 21st century, while still having the retro charm their names suggests.


  • Mae Sot 
  • Sukhothai 
  • Nan 
  • Chiang khong 
  • Chiang rai 
  • Chiang dao
  • Chiang Mai


  • 7 hrs 430 kms 
  • Chiang Mai to Mae Sot 
  • via mae sariang 
  • Incredible days ride along the Myanmar border 
  • Incorporating the unbelievable sites of the refuge camp near Mae Ramat 
  • Mae Sot is the mid western border crossing point into Myanmar ( Myawaddy) 
  • Overall a big riding day but amazing roads, views and scenery 
  • The main site is the refuge camps near Mae Ramat and the views over the border into Myanmar at the friendship bridge 


  • 3hrs 180kms 
  • Mae Sot to Sukhothai via Tak 
  • A great morning ride on the recently finished mountain route 
  • Afternoon in the ancient capital of Siam 
  • World heritage site Sukhothai 
  • A short riding day to leave time to visit the ancient sites of the old city 


  • Sukhothai to Nan
  • via Nam Pat 
  • 7 hours 339kms 
  • We cross from west to east today Another great ride where we cross the royal reservoir on a wooden ferry and ride some incredible roads with amazing scenery 
  • Nan is a riverside town near the Laos border and is home to many unusually decorated temples including the “golden temple”


  • Nan to Chiang khong 
  • Via Chiang Kham
  • 7 hrs 369kms 
  • There is an option to ride via pua and bo Kleua but it adds 1 half hrs to the journey 
  • Today we cover some of the most famous riding roads in Asia 
  • We also visit big Buddha too and get the chance to take in the breathtaking mighty mekhong river 
  • Our destination is the mekhong riverside border town to Laos of Chiang khong 


  • Chiang Khong to Chiang Rai Via golden triangle and Doi Mae Salong 
  • 6 hrs  275kms 
  • Today we will see the most northern point in Thailand, the border town of Mae sot, the amazing Chinese community and tea plantation region of doi mae salong 
  • We will also ride the old military surveillance road that separates Thailand and Myanmar with incredible views across the rolling mountains 
  • Our destination is the largest northern city after Chiang Mai and is the home to the famous “white temple” Wat rong khun 


  • Chiang Rai to Chiang Dao 
  • 5 hrs 260kms 
  • A relative short day but with many great sites including 
  • White temple 
  • Singha park
  • Doi chang coffee plantation region  
  • Doi ang khang 
  • Chinese mountain community is arundthai 
  • Our destination the historic Buddhist cave town of Chiang dao

DAY 7 

  • Chiang Dao to Chiang Mai via hippy town of pai/wat Chan
  • 6 hrs 310kms 
  • Elephant nature park is enroute today plus bamboo rafting, kayak and white water rafting 
  • This whole northern region is home to many hilltribe ethnic groups including:
  • Akha
  • Karen
  • Lisu 
  • Lahu 
  • Hmong
  • Plus, numerous waterfalls and hot springs and literally 100’s of temples too many to list 

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